Bob Davies

Expert in the Field of Developing Human Potential
Fee Range: $7,500–$10,000 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: California

A dynamic, motivational, extremely entertaining speaker, Bob Davies is an internationally respected expert in the development of human potential.

For over twenty years, Bob Davies has been training, coaching and motivating professionals to overcome limitations and increase their focus. As a former football coach at Cal State Fullerton, he used his unique techniques to help the team climb from last place to win two conference championships. His coaching methods helped transform Scott Vernoy from an average punter to one of the top five in the nation. And he coached Jeff Blatnik, the wrestler who overcame cancer to win the 1984 Olympic gold medal.

Bob Davies’ programs are original information targeted to a sophisticated audience from new recruits to high-end producers. Since 1983, Bob has been training, coaching and motivating professionals to overcome limitations and increase their focus. His topics are particularly on target for today’s economically volatile and complex climax. What is the barrier to realizing peak performance? Why is it that goal setting does not produce the results we want? As a behavioral psychologist, Davies points out, “Human nature is our biggest enemy. We are always trying to stay in our comfort zone.”

Does training work? Does it matter? If training is going to work, it must address the fact that people will not do what they don’t want to do, people fear change, fear pain, and seek comfort. Goal setting is commonly recognized as important, but that it the easy part, implementation is the crux. They key to effective implementation is outwitting the mind, which is very cunning in finding ways to sabotage our well-though goal plans. “The secret lies in painless accountability, overcoming fears,” insists Bob, “in compensating for our natural operational limitations.

With a Masters in Psychology and a B.S. in Health, this Rutgers University graduate uses his unique coaching techniques to help entrepreneurs on a national basis break through fears to become more precisely planned and to create balance and fulfillment in their lives as they create results in very powerful ways.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Sky Is Not The Limit - You Are!
  • Coaching for Leadership
  • Increase Sales Performance...By Growing Your People!
  • Break Through the Illusion of Fear
  • Dealing with Change through Coaching
  • The Accountability Imperative