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Daniel Glick is the author of Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids, and a Journey to the Ends of the Earth, published by PublicAffairs in Spring, 2003. The book is an account of a five-month, around-the-world trip Glick took with his two children after becoming a single father and losing his brother to breast cancer. Their journey took them to places of great ecological wonder that are threatened by human development, including coral reefs in Australia and Bali, orangutan habitat in Borneo, and the Vietnamese jungle home of the last Javan rhinos in mainland Asia.

In January, 2001, Glick published
Powder Burn: Arson, Money and Mystery on Vail Mountain, an investigation into the costliest act of ecoterrorism in U.S. history. Powder Burn was praised as an alpine Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by Outside magazine, and was a Denver Post bestseller and Colorado Book Award finalist. While he was writing the book, Glick was awarded a Ted Scripps Fellowship at the University of Colorado, one of five journalists chosen annually to spend an academic year researching environmental law, policy and science.

Prior to writing
Powder Burn, Glick worked at Newsweek magazine for 13 years; the first six as a Washington, D.C. correspondent and the last seven as a Colorado-based special correspondent covering the Rocky Mountain region. After moving to Colorado in late 1994, Glick covered a rash of high-profile stories, including the JonBenet Ramsey homicide, the Columbine High School tragedy, and the mysterious crash of a fully-armed Air Force fighter jet. He appeared more than 40 times on Larry King Live as a commentator on the Ramsey case, as well as CBS This Morning, NBC News Today show and many others. He was also an associate producer of a critically acclaimed documentary entitled JonBenet’s America.

He traveled from the panhandle of Idaho to the bootheel of New Mexico for
Newsweek, writing about a broad range of subjects -- from the bison slaughter in Yellowstone National Park to a cover story about the possibility of life on Mars. While a Washington correspondent, he contributed to several Newsweek cover stories during the Gulf War, as well as many others -- including the San Francisco earthquake, the Hubble Space Telescope, gays in the military, and global warming. He has reported about the demise of the Siberian tiger from the Russian Far East and traveled upcountry in Haiti with U.S. Special Forces troops.

Glick has also written for more than a dozen other magazines, including
National Geographic, Harper's, Rolling Stone, Smithsonian, the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post Sunday Magazine, Outside, Esquire, Men’s Journal, Sports Afield, National Wildlife and Wilderness.

Before completing his Masters degree in journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, Glick lived in Asia for three years, teaching French and English in Japan and herding yaks in Tibet. An avid outdoorsman experienced in climbing, hiking, skiing and kayaking, he has lived on four continents. A native Californian, Glick now resides in Lafayette, Colorado.

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