Vince Poscente

Olympic Speed Skier & Authority on Peak Performance; Best Selling Author, The Age of Speed
Fee Range: $15,000–$25,000 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: Texas

An authority on speed and focus, Vince Poscente knows the mindset needed to meet peak performance demands. During the Olympic Winter Games in Albertville, France, Poscente raced to a Canadian national record of 135 miles per hour (216.7 km/hr) on skis. Even more astonishing, at the age of 26, Poscente had never ski raced before. He went from a recreational skier to the Olympic finals in just four years!

His story outlines the innovative techniques he used to reach his Olympic goal, Poscente's 5C Strategy: Clarity of Vision, Commitment, Consistency, Confidence, and Control. During his presentations, Poscente tailors his 5Cs to his audience and shows them how to apply each technique to make their business and personal goals a reality. Poscente applied these same principles to achieve his masters in organizational management, in an award-winning real estate career and in the corporate world as Vice President of North America's largest real estate investment service.

Poscente is also author of the InVinceAbility Series learning materials and the book, InVinceAble Principles: Essential Tools for Life Mastery. Audiences laugh, cry and most importantly, relate to Poscente's journey of trials and tribulations. They walk away inspired and motivated to be a valued contributor to their organization's goals!

Vince provides audiences with a series of proven strategies that will change what you and your employees believe to be possible. Your audience will experience a simple yet powerful message: Do What the Competition Is Not Willing to Do! Vince Poscente shows audiences how to use his Olympic techniques to ignite their vision, focus on executing their strategy and confidently eclipse their competition. Best of all, you experience hilarious anecdotes, inspiring stories and take-home content from this recent inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Down to BUSINESS, Up to SPEED: Thrive in a more-faster-now world with alignment, agility and efficiency. Vince Poscente uses his signature wit and wisdom in his unforgettable "recreational skier to Olympics in four years" story.
  • Bounce FASTER, Bounce FARTHER: A new keynote designed to help audience members reinvent, reignite and rejuvenate in the business of life. Vince Poscente switches setback into set-free . "All you have to do is bounce."
  • It's Not the Economy Stupid: Consumers are becoming paralyzed. Investors are hobbled with trepidation. Sales people are deer in the headlights. All have one thing in common… FEAR of the economy. As the US Presidential elections approach there is one thing that every leader, manager and sales person should know: It's not the economy stupid. It's about pie. Maybe your industry dropped from $4 Billion to $3 Billion. Stop looking at the economic drop and look at the pie that's left. So the piece of your pie you have available is $3 Billion. Go get your share! If you want your share of the pie, listen into a conversation Vince Poscente had with a friend and colleague: "If your client is saying they don't have money then they're not telling the truth. If they didn't have money they'd be out of business. They're not buying from you because they don't want your product. That's what needs to change."
  • Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary: During this high energy, fun and inspirational presentation, Vince shares the story of how he went from recreational skier to Olympic finalist in just four years. He shows how to use his Olympic formula (the five Cs) to reach both corporate and personal goals. Fasten your seatbelts this is an unusual presentation, full of humor and insights on what winning truly is.
  • Life in the Fast Lane: In this keynote, Poscente customizes the following "5C Strategy" for your organization to help you Transform Workplace Performance: (1) Clarity of Vision--identify defining moments and your emotional buzz; (2) Commitment--lead by example as you commit 100 percent to your next steps; (3) Consistency--apply 360° research and Gold Dots as alignment triggers; (4) Confidence--accelerate personal confidence without trial and error; and (5) Control--design "pre-race" routines for peak performance. Ultimately learn what winning truly you rocket down the Olympic mountain.
  • The InVinceAble Journey: Based on his book, InVinceAble Principles, Vince shares ideas that help individuals journey towards life mastery. These highly effective principles are designed to provoke thought and encourage people to take action and embrace change. A highly memorable, energetic and fun presentation, this is a perfect follow-up session to "Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary."
  • IGNITE - FOCUS - ECLIPSE Seminar: Are you focusing your employees on taking different actions? Are you hoping that these different actions will produce different results? If so, that may be the problem! Focusing on actions might give short-term solutions but it won't give long-term results. Instead, there needs to be a shift in each individual's beliefs, attitudes and truths. This shift is critical--then each individual can judge differently, take different actions and produce the results you want. This program is used most effectively after a Vince Poscente keynote, this is what the IGNITE -FOCUS - ECLIPSE seminar does for your organization. Vince's Peak Performance Strategy took him from a recreational skier at the age of 26 to vying for Gold in speed skiing at the age of 30. Drawing on the 1000 hours of research he completed to create his Peak Performance Strategy plus his Masters in Organizational Management, Vince focuses on enhancing behavior and performance in this seminar. Your attendees will experience a shift in what they believe is possible. They will acquire a strategy for execution and Vince customizes the seminar to your organization. The outcome? Your organization has the tools they need to eclipse the competition.
  • Speak & Ski: Combine Vince's keynote with a half-day of snow skiing with Vince!