Vince Poscente

Olympic Speed Skier & Authority on Peak Performance; Best Selling Author, The Age of Speed
Fee Range: $15,000–$25,000 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: Texas
Vince Poscente is a motivational keynote speaker and author on the topic of peak performance, overcoming adversity, and sustaining resiliency in a competitive landscape. In 22 years of consulting and speaking, his clients include, FedEx, IBM, HP, Cisco, Hyatt Hotels, American Airlines, US Bank, Merrill Lynch, John Hancock, National Association of Realtors, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Enterprise Rent a Car, McDonalds, Century 21, Bell And Howell, Canon, Intel, Oracle and State Farm. He has lectured at MIT, SMU, Texas A&M and University of Texas. Prior to this he was the VP of Marketing at International Investment Properties after an award winning sales career.

Vince’s greatest strengths are in the areas of communication, focus and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that help clients overcome adversity and sustain resiliency. His most recent project involved a 29 day, virtual coaching intensive designed to help athletes, entrepreneurs and/or sales people clarify their vision, commit to that vision, execute a winning consistent strategy, perform with confidence and control peak performance with specific routines.

Of note, after his B.A. at University of Alberta (with a passion for sports marketing), Vince went onto being the Executive Director of the Alberta Luge Association and liaison with the host broadcaster for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. Then he decided he wanted to be an Olympian. Vince went from recreational skier to the Olympics in four years. He became a five time Canadian record holder, ranked 10th in the world and into the Speed Skiing gold medal round of the Olympic Winter Games in Albertville, France. Vince placed 15th skiing at national record of 135 mph. After his sales and executive leadership experience, he went onto speaking, consulting and writing.

In his most recent career Vince has become a New York Times bestselling author (writing seven books to date), inductee into the Speaker Halls of Fame (in Canada and the USA), a Masters of Arts in Organizational Management and adventurer leading and climbing in the Himalayas. He is the founder of the Heroes Climb initiative (climbing and naming mountains after every day heroes).

Vince has been married for over 20 years to a wonderful woman/serial entrepreneur, lives in Dallas and is father to three amazingly talented kids. His musician son, entrepreneurial/actress daughter and youngest, who is a dancer extraordinaire all attended leading arts magnet schools. In Vince’s spare time he plays recreation league hockey on two teams.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Heroes Climb: A new keynote learning the impact and influence everyday heroes can have in the business of life. In this keynote, Vince challenges each person to find the personal trajectory that allows them to make a difference through personal accountability and integrity. He reveals the belief that everyone has an opportunity to be everyday heroes! "You are already a hero. It is time for you to quit playing small and reveal that hero within you. Come, be big, so others can delight in your presence."
  • Full Speed Ahead: The Olympic movement is pervasive in our society on many levels. Primarily, we can all relate to the pursuit of excellence. We can also appreciate the three core principles of the pursuit of excellence, international understanding and fair play alongside the motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger). But the unwritten motto for high performing leaders is “Smartius.” Inevitable obstacles spring from basic human nature. In the personal and corporate landscape, real life issues and the realities of competition pervade. The solutions to roadblocks for leaders of corporations are explored in this entertaining and thought-provoking message.
  • Building Teams with the Urgent "Why?": LeBron James used Vince Poscente's strategies in his transitions from Cleveland to Miami and back to his hometown. The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff used the principles with their team in their recent turnaround season. FedEx and EvolvHealth use Vince Poscente's tools in their leadership team training keeping them out front in a competitive landscape. Vince Poscente helps teams target their emotion-drivers towards simplicity, synergy and life balance. The underpinning of Vince Poscente's "Urgent Why" approach is from his international bestseller, The Ant and the Elephant. It is a based on the combination of finding your WHY and the emotional quotient that fuels internal motivation. Vince Poscente combines the concepts of finding each team member's emotional buzz, a simple path towards clarity, commitment, consistency, confidence and control in concert with the team's overall objectives. This is a transformational keynote for teams determined to progress full speed ahead.
  • Accelerate REINVENTION: A new keynote designed to help audience members reinvent, reignite and rejuvenate in the business of life. Vince Poscente switches setback into set-free. This is fast and fun way to redefine how you thrive in a competitive marketplace.

    -Innovation at Work - audiences learn how to innovate in any business situation using Poscente's recreational skier to Olympian in four years model
    -Competitive Advantages - you will internalize a powerful change in how to compete using the approach - Do what the competition is not willing to do
    -Leadership for the Self - high speed results are possible in cultures that foster an attitude of Owning the solution
    -Speed of Execution - learn where employees and companies embrace the essentials for reinvention
    -Taking Control - with infectious energy, warmth and humor, Poscente delivers an experience that translates into an empowered audience
  • BIG GOALS in Short Order: Vince uses his signature wit and wisdom in his unforgettable recreational skier to Olympics in four years story. Each keynote is tailored to the specific needs of the audience. (Content has been updated to reflect the unique challenges of today.) He knows the key to making a message stick with an audience is to provide an experience. A Vince Poscente keynote speech is an experience you're not soon to forget. He blends a high-energy presentation style with humorous anecdotes, powerful visual and audio tools, and meaningful content designed to educate and edify while it entertains.

    Vince's speech resonates long after the event itself because he so completely engages the minds - and bodies - of audiences. Painting a vivid picture, Vince perches on a chair and physically acts out the thrill of skiing 135-mph down a steep, icy slope. He asks audience members to perform a happy dance and participate in their own Olympic Opening Ceremony, transporting his audiences through music and reenactment. His warmth invites trust; his stories engender an emotional bond. As the content cornerstone of his keynotes, Alignment, Agility and Efficiency are presented in a practical, hands on manner. The audience learns a fundamental yet powerful message integral to The Goal Acceleration Institute's process: Do What the Competition is Not Willing To Do. The single-event speech is designed to get audiences excited and, by providing a moving experience, to hardwire its lessons into their psyche. In order to achieve long-term results, however, it's advisable to follow-up the keynote with our business consulting services and learning tools that customize, reinforce, and expand upon the messages.
  • Reach Your Sales Goals in 1/2 the Time
  • Reach Your Leadership Goals in 1/2 the Time
  • Rech Your Team Goals in 1/2 the Time